Poster of the group exhibition GESTURAL/ABSTRACT, which took place between the 12th of December, 2015 and the 15th of January, 2016 at Metropolis Centre, Bucharest


Oltre il segno

Poster of the collective exhibition OLTRE IL SEGNO, which took place between the 13th and  the 21st of November, 2014, in Spazio Arte Castello, Turin, Italiy


Scan 6, 2.

Page of the album of the collective exhibition DECORATIV ART 2014


Dec. Art 2013

Cover of the album of the collective exhibition DECORATIV ART, which took place in November, 2014, at “Constantin Brâncuşi” Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest


Opening day of the solo exhibition ASPECTS OF THE EXPRESSION, a clip realized by Viorica Tomov.


Blog 2_Afis expo 27 aug 2013

Poster of the solo exhibition ASPECTS OF THE EXPRESSION, which took place between August 27th and September 9th, 2013, at Horizon Gallery, Bucharest


BUN, Pl. O Pr. 2

Page of the album of the collective exhibition PLURAL OUT PROJECT


BUN, Pl. O Pr. 1

Cover of the album of the collective exhibition PLURAL OUT PROJECT, which took place between March 16th and May 18th, 2013, in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal


Scan 2, 2.

Page of the album of the NATIONAL SALON OF ARTS, 2013


Coperta Temeiuri 2013 BUN

Cover of the album of the NATIONAL SALON OF ARTS, which took place between the 8th and the 31st of May, 2013, at “Constantin Brancuşi” Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest


Blog 3_Articol FANTEZII CITADINE, varianta JPEG


Ruxandra Munteanu’ creation had, until recently, a clear direction that sent us, focusing our eye, towards the lyrical geometric shapes she built on cardboard with acrylics or she obtained by printing on fabrics with textile dyestuffs.

With this 2013 solo exhibition at Irecson Gallery, the artist reveals the results of the research she constantly undertakes in her studio, otherwise inaccessible even to her close friends. First we are discovering that, for Ruxandra Munteanu, the figurative is a well solved temptation, and then, that the collage, as well, plays a special role in intensifying the plastic expression.

Of course, each solo exhibition represents, for the author, both a proud manifestation of a route that becomes round once the presentation is made, but also a moment of humble public uncovering, of frail exposure of the ego haunted by fears and essays, successful or non-successful artistic essays.

Ruxandra Munteanu – who, as an artist, proves to be delicate and tenacious at the same time – has known to subtly pendulate between pride and humility.

And she came on the cymas in the Irecson space with new works that naturally set next to other, older, works, known from her previous solo exhibition. With naturalness, the artist develops her research in the area of textile printing she made herself noticed with. In mixed technique, Ruxandra Munteanu has in mind especially a series of abstract constructions, in which signs of the aquatic or the city – her favorite themes until the present day – are present.

Beyond the textile prints direction, Ruxandra Munteanu is signaling us, with this occasion, the existence of another world, in which the intimate universe is revealed especially by means of a well constructed figurativism, of which the elements of rhythm that connect them to the previous preoccupations are not excluded. We signal here the landscape series that forms a seasons’ cycle, “Cat’s Sleep” and, not least, the two portraits that completed the exhibition.

With a sensitive richness of decorativism – nevertheless, subsumated to the note of intense expressiveness desired by the artist – these works are drawing our attention to the fact that Ruxandra Munteanu’ creation is unfolding under our eyes and that we have the chance to find out about the way a series of visual concepts evolve.

Roxana Păsculescu, “City Fantasies”, Plai Străbun, No. 31/2013, p. 17.


Blog 2_Afis_Ruxandra Stefana Munteanu ian

Poster of the solo exhibition CITY FANTASIES, which took place between January, 31st and February, 19th, 2013, at Irecson Gallery, Bucharest


Scan 1, 2.

Page of the album of the collective exhibition ARTS IN BUCHAREST, 2012


Coperta Arte in Buc BUN

Cover of the album of the collective exhibition ARTS IN BUCHAREST, September, 12th – October 4th, 2012, “Horizon” Gallery, Bucharest


Scan 4, 2.

Page of the album of MOSTRA PORTO


De prelucr., coperta Mostra Porto

Cover of the album of ART COMPETITION MOSTRA PORTO, which took place between June, 9th and August, 25th, 2012, in “Por Amor à Arte” Gallery, Porto, Portugal


locandina_casualit+á_meditateA3 - 1

Poster of the group exhibition PONDERED RANDOMNESS, which took place between the 14th and the 29th of March,  2012, at Aripa Gallery, Turin, Italy


Living Matter 3

Poster of the group exhibition LIVING MATTER, which took place between the 14th and the 28th of January,  2011, at Aripa Gallery, Turin, Italy


Scan 5, 2.

Page of the album of NATIONAL DECORATIVE ART SALON, 2010


Cotroceni BUN

Cover of the album of the NATIONAL DECORATIVE ART SALON, which took place between September 23rd and November 21st, 2010, at “Cotroceni” National Museum, Bucharest


“Dance on the Textile Support – An Exhibition by Ruxandra Munteanu at Galateca Art Gallery”

The artist Ruxandra Munteanu kindly invites us at her solo exhibition at the Galateca Art Gallery of Central University Library, an exhibition that is opening Tuesday, July 6th, at 6 p.m. The exhibition presentation, which can be viewed until July, 15th, this year, obviously includes a selection from the artist’s creation. And, though we can also see several works from the years 2006 and 2010, respectively, the exhibition route is centered upon the 2007 – 2009 period.

The artist is a graduate of Bucharest National University of Arts and owns a Master’s Degree in visual arts, scenography. She is a member of Romanian Plastic Artists Union and has started in 2006. Ever since then, she has been participating in national salons, biennials, triennials, municipal salons, international itinerant exhibitions.

The artist Ruxandra Munteanu proposes us a decorative art exhibition, in which the panel printed serigraphically – with stencils and textile pigments – directs our attention towards the plastician’s specialized studies. Yet, equally, the works realized by hand printing and even in mixed techniques, the interest in easel graphics and in tempera studies – are determining us to affirm that Ruxandra Munteanu is moving with huge steps toward painting. In the exhibition, a painting in acrylic on canvas is also presented, which, despite being executed in the other panels’ style, announces future, anyway confessed, interests.

Three years before, the artist was opening, at the same gallery, an exhibition in which we discovered the line game as shape generator and a predilection for using a color range in which the blood red and the green, together with the demarcation black, were dominating the decorative constructions. This time, the artist is stating, with certitude, on the canvas, the compositional necessity for the matted, smooth, but also for the faded, transparent color strokes. The color range is extensively enriched, although the themes of her artistic interest are essentially the same. The inner world explored by the plastician is generating whirled shapes; the line paths are creating real vertigos that determine sensations of comfort or distress. Beyond the intimate states of the artist, there is the nature, perceived in antagonistic facets, of calm or anger, as well. The chromatics speaks by itself, the undulation of lines or, on the contrary, the existence of angles, have the capability of carrying emotions. The nature brings close to the artist pictorial motives and, not least, the pretext to work with the wish of recomposing a landscape or a state. Consequently, we will discover, among other motives, the swan, the fish and the peacock, or, briefly, Ruxandra Munteanu’ universe, rich in symbolistics, determinant by its dynamics, shape and color. Yet, the motives are real incentives for Ruxandra Munteanu, are occasions for meditation and, subsequently, of creation.

R. Păsculescu, Exhibition Rhythms, Mayon, Bucharest, 2010

R. Păsculescu,


T.M., afis 6 iulie 2010, 1

Poster of the solo exhibition DANCE ON THE TEXTILE SUPPORT, which took place between the 6th and the 15th of July, 2013, at Galateca Gallery, Bucharest


“Animal Conscious of Its Beauty”

At Galateca exhibits Ruxandra Ștefana Munteanu. It seems that this is her third solo exhibition. As a young ascendant artist, her decorating sense is not so much the result of handicraft experience, but rather a vital function. Her works are standing in the area of a moderate and, somehow, humanized abstractionism. She avoids sharply rectangular compositions and, equally, does not let herself tempted by the spiral-like vertigo. By gracefully and originally naming her compositions– for instance, the title given to an artwork placed at the very entrance into the exhibition, “Animal Conscious of Its Beauty”, is almost a poem in itself -, she does not necessarily want to impose a certain meaning to the beholder, but, on the contrary, wants to indicate that the working theme has a multitude of meanings and, therefore, may be interpreted in many ways. There are, for instance, several works called Path or Paths. They could have been called differently, yet it is the choice for such a title that better suggests just the open work, as most of the artworks in the exhibition are. Butterflies, Centrifugal, Gateways with Angels, Magnolias, are all suggestions for entering a universe of lines and colors that is lacked of ostentation and that, at the same time, intelligently avoids commonplace. The way it has been conceived and executed, almost each work in the exhibition is a section through living matter, be that vegetal, animal or even human. Some of the artworks are offering a distressing concreteness, as if at that very moment, under our eyes, a tree have been cut or the scalpel of a surgeon have sectioned a kidney or a liver. We are dealing with an exhibition that is worth seeing, especially with the thought that everything in there, by its decorative purpose, should occupy the space of our homes.

România liberă, 20 January, 2007


Tm., 2007, Afis expo 8 ianuarie

Poster of the decorative art solo exhibition that took place between the 8th and the 24th of January, 2007, at Galateca Gallery, Bucharest


Scan 3, 2.

Page of the album of the NATIONAL SALON OF ARTS, 2006 – 2007


Coperta Temeiuri 2006 - 2007 BUN

Cover of the album of the NATIONAL SALON OF ARTS, which took place between December, 2006 and January, 2007 at “Constantin Brancusi” Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest


T.m, afis 9 martie 2006

Poster of the solo exhibition SPACE, TIME, which took place between the 9th and the 22nd of March, 2006, at art Home Gallery, Bucharest


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