Artist Statement

My artworks tend to spontaneously express my states and feelings. As the work grows, I become increasingly aware of the way they get integrated into my open configuration of symbols. I prefer, or, rather, tend, by the flow of ideas, to find my own correspondences between poetical meanings, by analyzing and interpreting my own works.

Inspiration usually comes while being concentrated on analytical thoughts, often unrelated to the intention of creating a sketch, but rather to the attempt of defining and redefining my goals and aspirations, of transforming continuously. While doing that, I sometimes unconsciously start to draw up sinuous lines that suddenly acquire significance, becoming more and more complete. After starting to work on the fabric, the newly created lines multiply and grow, spreading, communicating and closing into final accents.

My art relies, to a great extent, on abstract ways of describing concrete feelings and experiences, in a sublimation process.

Technically, part of my works result into exploring ways of transferring pictorial expression to the art of printing that sometimes imply the use of transparent fleshes; in other works, exploration gives birth to graphical compositions.

I enjoy and am an adept of the idea of freedom for all artistic media to communicate between each other.

On the other hand, with the most recent works, my approach pursued a separation of the expression, from it resulting, besides the hand printed and mixed technique panels, a series o paintings in acrylic and a number of textile collages. I am also interested in icons.



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