CITY FANTASIES – An Article Written by Roxana Pasculescu for Plai Strabun Magazine

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Ruxandra Munteanu’ creation had, until recently, a clear direction that sent us, focusing our eye, towards the lyrical geometric shapes she built on cardboard with acrylics or she obtained by printing on fabrics with textile dyestuffs.

With this 2013 solo exhibition at Irecson Gallery, the artist reveals the results of the research she constantly undertakes in her studio, otherwise inaccessible even to her close friends. First we are discovering that, for Ruxandra Munteanu, the figurative is a well solved temptation, and then, that the collage, as well, plays a special role in intensifying the plastic expression.

Of course, each solo exhibition represents, for the author, both a proud manifestation of a route that becomes round once the presentation is made, but also a moment of humble public uncovering, of frail exposure of the ego haunted by fears and essays, successful or non-successful artistic essays.

Ruxandra Munteanu – who, as an artist, proves to be delicate and tenacious at the same time – has known to subtly pendulate between pride and humility.

And she came on the cymas in the Irecson space with new works that naturally set next to other, older, works, known from her previous solo exhibition. With naturalness, the artist develops her research in the area of textile printing she made herself noticed with. In mixed technique, Ruxandra Munteanu has in mind especially a series of abstract constructions, in which signs of the aquatic or the city – her favorite themes until the present day – are present.

Beyond the textile prints direction, Ruxandra Munteanu is signaling us, with this occasion, the existence of another world, in which the intimate universe is revealed especially by means of a well constructed figurativism, of which the elements of rhythm that connect them to the previous preoccupations are not excluded. We signal here the landscape series that forms a seasons’ cycle, “Cat’s Sleep” and, not least, the two portraits that completed the exhibition.

With a sensitive richness of decorativism – nevertheless, subsumated to the note of intense expressiveness desired by the artist – these works are drawing our attention to the fact that Ruxandra Munteanu’ creation is unfolding under our eyes and that we have the chance to find out about the way a series of visual concepts evolve.

Roxana Păsculescu, “City Fantasies”, Plai Străbun, No. 31/2013, p. 17.



About Ruxandra Stefana Munteanu

Professional Plastic Artist
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